A SmartSolution for Fly Control

The common misconception that fly control can be accomplished as easily as installing an Insect Light Trap (ILT) has created a tendency to overlook the importance of a comprehensive program. Effective long-term fly control requires an integrated approach. We offer the following seven steps to implement a holistic fly-control program:

Step 1: Identify the species of flies infesting/threatening the facility.
Step 2: Locate all likely breeding sites indoors and outdoors, as well as likely access points.
Step 3: Determine the distribution of the flies within the facility.
Step 4: List all environmental, procedural and mechanical improvements needed to reduce or eliminate the susceptibility of the building to fly infestation.
Step 5: Select the chemical (contact and residual insecticides) and non-chemical (insect light traps and exclusion materials) best suited for the particular facility.
Step 6: Explain the appropriate control strategies to the customer and identify those elements of the process that the customer is responsible for, such as clean-up, operational practices and repair.
Step 7: To the extent possible, simultaneously deploy multiple control tactics, including:

  • Install insect light traps such as Vector® brand Insect Light Traps
  • Knock down adult flies with contact insecticide like Prescription Treatment® brand
  • I.® Contact Insecticide Formula 1
  • Apply residual insecticides including Prescription Treatment® brand Cy-Kick® CS Controlled Release Cyfluthrin to outdoor fly resting sites
  • Clean indoor and outdoor sanitation deficiencies
  • Clean floor and sink drains
  • Perform necessary building maintenance

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