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BASF Pest Control Solutions Launches Blog

Today, we launched BASF Pest Talk, a blog developed to provide an online forum on industry issues, trends and regional happenings for the BASF Pest Control Solutions business and the pest community it serves.

Over the next several months we hope you visit BASF Pest Talk to read pest problems, keep up on trends and industry insight, and access tools and resources to help you solve the challenges you face today and tomorrow. Pest Talk will also feature technical expertise to help with issues relating to pest management.

Consumers interested in pest control tips, insect identification and frequently asked pest questions can visit our website to learn more.

Stay tuned for more posts on how BASF Pest Talk works, upcoming industry news, events, stories on people and solutions to your pest problems.

McCloud Services saves big with SmartSolution for Ants program

Dr. Jason Meyers, Market Development Specialist at BASF Pest Control Solutions, David Yuknis, Director of Operations at McCloud Services and Travis Chambers, Sales Specialist at BASF Pest Control Solutions attending the Pest Invasion conference.

Illinois-based McCloud Services reduced its $100,000 per year spend on ant callbacks with the established BASF Protocol – watch the SmartSolution for Ants video here.

David Yuknis, Director of Operations at Illinois-based McCloud Services, shared his story with PCT magazine on how implementing the SmartSolution for Ants multi-layered program improved McCloud’s profits and customer confidence.

Read the full story in our next article.

Other benefits McCloud experienced after integrating the program included:

  • Reduced fuel costs and truck maintenance
  • Less overtime for technicians
  • Improved arrival and departure for technicians moving from job to job
  • Better company reputation and superior customer satisfaction

Increased likelihood of technicians completing monthly schedule

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