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Insects in the City

On TV, bustling metropolises appear to be spotless centers of cleanliness, featuring glamorous people living in immaculate homes.

But PMPs know better. They know that, in reality, even the tidiest of urban homes contain pests lurking unseen – a truth that Insects in the City exposes.

This blog serves as an outlet for the Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension and provides information on the urban pest control industry to PMPs, especially those in the Lone Star State.

But PMPs in the other 49 states can benefit as well, as Mike Merchant, Ph.D. who writes the blog supplies pertinent information, including:

Smithereen Pest Management Services Blog

October’s featured blog of the month is managed by Smithereen Pest Management Services. Smithereen provides a variety services to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas and Missouri. Not only does the Smithereen Blog serve as a hub of social media activity, featuring the company Facebook page and Twitter stream on the blog homepage, it also offers a wide range of timely information including:

  • Pest prevention tips
  • Weather-related and industry news
  • Research and pest information
  • Pest activity
  • Pest control recommendations for different regions

Do you know of a blog that should be featured? Contact us and tell us why.

ChemTec Pest Control blog

ChemTec Pest Control has been serving both homes and businesses in New Jersey since 1931. It is a family owned company that continues to grow. They provide termite, bed bug, rodent, animal control and general insect pest control services.

ChemTec Pest Control’s blog provides readers with regional information, including:

  • Seasonal and weather updates
  • Pest-specific updates and prevention tips
  • Pest facts
  • Local pest-related news

In a recent post, “NJ Pest Control Pros on Roach Prevention,” ChemTec used a fun infographic to educate readers about cockroaches, the threat they pose, and what steps can be taken to prevent an infestation.

For more from ChemTec Pest Contro, visit their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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