Get a Jump on Termite Swarm Season

Dr. Kyle Jordan, BASF Market Development Specialist, snapped this photo of a very brave termite swarm right outside his front door in Atlanta, Georgia.

Swarm season may be months away, but there are things you can do now to prepare your company for the busy season that lies ahead.

First and foremost, train. The slower days of winter may provide some additional time for you to train your technicians on methods for dealing with termites. Consider attending training events offered by state or pest management associations, universities, or distribution or manufacturer companies. These can be very helpful in preparing for wood destroying insect swarm seasons. If new employees are needed, hire now, then train and prepare prior to the start of the busy season. Take time now to inventory and inspect all equipment. Make sure technicians and your sales force have all needed equipment and that it’s in good working order. This will reduce downtime when customers need you!

Call your manufacturer sales representative. You can learn about new technologies for termite control from these experts. Ask if they can lead a training session or discussion with your staff about products and suggested treatment protocols. They may also have online training available for use by your staff at opportune times.

Prepare your customer outreach plan. Using the down time to formulate your marketing plans to reach new and existing customers is a wise move.

How do you prepare for termite season? Comment below and share with fellow PMPs.

Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR Now Available in California

Are you a Pest Management Professional (PMP) living in California?

Now registered for use in California is Prescription Treatment brand Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR.

Why Alpine Flea Insecticide?

The advanced pressurized formulation now delivers multiple benefits:

  • Delivers quicker flea knockdown
  • Has longer-lasting flea control
  • Is more affordable than competitive flea control products
  • Is part of the new SmartSolution for Fleas featuring a strategic inspection and application plan and the most advanced flea products available

Seven steps in the SmartSolution for Fleas help PMPs get a handle on the problem:

  1. Identify the Flea Species
  2. Determine and Address the Source
  3. Identify Larval Development Sites
  4. Assess Sensitive Situations and Involve the Homeowner
  5. Implement Non-Chemical Controls
  6. Apply Insecticides for Quick Knockdown and Residual Control
  7. Follow-Up

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