A SmartSolution for Fly Control

The common misconception that fly control can be accomplished as easily as installing an Insect Light Trap (ILT) has created a tendency to overlook the importance of a comprehensive program. Effective long-term fly control requires an integrated approach. We offer the following seven steps to implement a holistic fly-control program: Step 1: Identify the species of flies infesting/threatening the facility. Continue Reading →

Why BASF loves PestWorld

Good people work in this industry—and that’s why we love it. Each year, BASF gathers at PestWorld to share knowledge, reminisce with customers, solve problems and advance technologies to improve pest control performance. In two days, hundreds of pest management professionals (PMPs) have stopped by booth 2817 to learn what reliability, efficiency, innovation and support mean for them. What are Continue Reading →

The SmartSolution for Flea Control

When fleas are a problem, all pest management professionals (PMPs) should be prepared. BASF provides an integrated plan that helps PMPs reliably control fleas, decrease time and labor, and minimize homeowner inconvenience. When dealing with a flea infestation, it is important to first determine the host or the source of the infestation. This could include: A family pet that gets Continue Reading →

Get a Jump on Termite Swarm Season

Dr. Kyle Jordan, BASF Market Development Specialist, snapped this photo of a very brave termite swarm right outside his front door in Atlanta, Georgia. Swarm season may be months away, but there are things you can do now to prepare your company for the busy season that lies ahead. First and foremost, train. The slower days of winter may provide Continue Reading →

Arizona Pest Management Professionals

Arizona Pest Management Professional sees 50% less water and 33% less time spent on the job with new termiticide BASF: What do “trials” mean for companies like ProBest Pest Management? KB: I’m a BIG believer in actual field trials and who better to participate than someone who has seen both sides of research and field work? ProBest Pest Management gets Continue Reading →