Termidor HE Mini Series_ Kevin C. Pass, Action Pest Control

This post continues the Termidor HE Mini Series—a series of posts from Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) from around the country sharing why they use Termidor® H∙E High-Efficiency Termiticide Copack with Termidor H∙E Technology and the benefits it provides their customers. Read on as Kevin C. Pass, BCE Owner of Action Pest Control, Inc., explains what Termidor HE Copack means for his business.

When BASF introduced PerimeterPlus with Termidor® termiticide/insecticide, we loved the labor savings versus other available options. Now, using Termidor HE Copack saves us even more with an average job saving us roughly 30-40 percent on labor. The savings can be attributed to loading, mixing and applying half of the traditional amount of water carrier, drill spacings of 18 inches, and a minimum depth of treatment of two feet deep instead of four feet on basements and other deep foundations.

I’m a big proponent of less drilling. Anytime we drill, we are essentially impacting someone’s home or patio, and we always run the potential risk of accidently drilling through a utility line. Anytime that drill comes out, we can potentially do more damage than termites. Any product that can reduce our drilling, I want to use. That’s why I like Termidor HE Copack.

A limiting factor in our profession is finding skilled and certified labor, which is why labor savings is important. By reducing the time spent on a job, our skilled laborers have more time to follow up on new opportunities. It allows us to utilize our crews more efficiently.

Scott Robbins ACE, Technical Director and Director of Quality at Action Pest Control, also has thoughts on what Termidor HE Copack means for our business.

“In the present era of rising fuel costs and insurance premiums, it is refreshing to see a quality product like Termidor HE Copack come to market with direct savings to our bottom line,” Robbins said. “In addition to the savings in direct labor from the reduced trench size, increased drill spacing and reduced volume of finished solution, Action will see improved fuel economy from lighter termite rigs; less equipment expense from reduced wear due to water volume and drill spacing; and increased production by shortening the length of a termiticide application.”

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