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Pest Control named No. 4 best job opportunity in the future

We’re in this industry together and it’s promising to see the demand for pest control operators increase. You may want to get rid of house centipedes and we will help.

In fact, 24/7 Wall St. recently compiled a Top 10 list of occupations that will have the most job openings in this decade. Guess what? Pest Control was named number four!

What made you join the pest control industry? And what keeps you in it? Share your story by commenting below.

Congratulations Dirk and Johanna Reynolds, winners of the Termidor® High Efficiency Sweepstakes grand prize!

BASF would like to congratulate Dirk and Johanna Reynolds with AMBUSH 4 U Termite & Pest Control, Inc. for winning the Termidor® High Efficiency Sweepstakes grand prize: a new Ford F-150! With 20 percent better fuel efficiency and 15 percent reduced greenhouse emissions, it’s the perfect vehicle for the Reynolds to transport the smaller tank and termite rig needed for Termidor® H·E High-Efficiency Termiticide Copack with Termidor H·E Technology.

“When we got that phone call, we were absolutely shocked!” Johanna said. Her husband, Dirk, agreed: “At first I thought it was a joke! But we are both so excited.”

Dirk has been using Termidor® products for more than 15 years and said he looks forward to using Termidor® H·E High Efficiency Termiticide once it’s available in California.

“Termidor® H·E is something that’s going to make a huge impact on our business,” Johanna said.

Pest Control and Bug Exterminator Blog

Pest control companies like Bulwark Exterminating have helped create our “Blog Roll,” which links to educational, seasonal and timely information for many of your customers. We’d like to feature this helpful content.

Bulwark Exterminating and contributing writers manage this month’s featured “Blog We Like”. It contains a variety of information that can be utilized by all Pest Management Professionals (PMPs).

At Pest Control and Bug Exterminator Blog, learn:

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