Why BASF loves PestWorld

Good people work in this industry—and that’s why we love it. Each year, BASF gathers at PestWorld to share knowledge, reminisce with customers, solve problems and advance technologies to improve pest control performance.

In two days, hundreds of pest management professionals (PMPs) have stopped by booth 2817 to learn what reliability, efficiency, innovation and support mean for them.

What are we saying?

RELIABILITY – More effective products, fewer callbacks

Getting the job done right the first time frees your business up for more jobs and increases customer satisfaction. New Termidor® and Alpine® family product offerings will afford greater efficacy, leading to fewer callbacks and more profits for your business.

EFFICIENCY – Reduce time & labor

Less time and labor means making your job easier and your business more profitable. Termidor® H•E High Efficiency Termiticide Copack with Termidor H•E Technology does just that. By using smaller trenches, it reduces labor by 33 percent and it uses half as much water as other termite treatments.

INNOVATION – New products & technology

The debut of Alpine® WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide this week and Termidor H•E High Efficiency Termiticide Copack with Termidor H•E Technology earlier this year shows we are constantly working to improve the products that help you be successful. Whether it’s greater efficacy, going places where other products can’t, or both, you can be sure BASF is advancing the industry.

SUPPORT – Commit to the profession

As a leader in the industry, we have a responsibility to support its growth. That’s why we supply more than just chemicals. We give you the products, services and advice your business needs to reach its full potential. We also sponsor educational opportunities like the NPMA Management Institute, to ensure success in the industry.

Tomorrow ends another energetic show. If we haven’t spoken with you yet, we want to! Share your pest pressure issues with us and we’ll listen first and then help. Swing by the BASF booth 2817 and find out for yourself.

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